[Animal Rights Organization] Farm Animals Rights Movements

[Animal Rights Organization] Farm Animals Rights Movements

For The Animals

I didn't know about this organization until I found "Animal Rights Conference" last summer. This annual conference is a great place to learn the overview of Animal Rights Movement from many organizations, activists, and speakers. It alternates its host city between West Coast and East Coast. 2014 Conference was in Los Angeles, CA and 2015 Conference will be in D.C. area. 

FARM also operates Compassionate Activists Network (CAN) which encourages individual or small groups to support farmed animals. 

One of the great FARM's annual campaign is World Farm Animals Day (October 2nd). Many people around the world fasted against the slaughter this day to remember Farmed animals' suffering. Also many volunteers participated to hand out 200 "Have you been lied to?" brochures. 


FARM is a great place to find resources for your Animal Rights activism. There are many ways to support FARM by volunteering, financial support, donating your assets, selling items on eBay to benefit FARM, etc. 

Also if you want to meet awesome compassionate activists, check out AR conference 2015. You will make lots of like minded friends and collect load of information. 

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