[Animal Rights Organization] Mercy For Animals

[Animal Rights Organization] Mercy For Animals

MFA is one of my favorite national organization that fights for many voiceless farm animals. Without their fearless efforts to reveal the truth of many factory farms' cruel practice through undercover video footage, we wouldn't have had any idea what is going on behind the scene. 

I had an opportunity to listen undercover activists' testimonial at Animal Rights Conference 2014 in Los Angles, CA. I couldn't believe that they had to witness the cruel treatments to animals every day and yet not be able to express their hard feeling about them. They are truly my hero and I appreciate their commitments and courage to tell the truth to the public. Without these video footage, no one would have believed what is really going on slaughter houses, feed lots, dairy farms, broiler hatcheries, and so on. 

I believe supporting this effective national organization is one way to be an activist. You can become a member, make a donation, or purchase a merchandise from their online shopping mall. I love my Compassion For All t-shirt!!!

Please visit their website to learn more about Mercy For Animals!


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