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Wholistic way to promote weight loss and health with plant-based whole foods

Get Waisted is a high antioxidant and low fat approach weight loss program. It is similar to Weight Watchers but we don’t count the calories. In fact you can eat about 12 cups of foods every day yet you will still lose weight because you will have highly nutrient dense foods and get away from empty calorie foods . We encourage to change your diet toward a plant-based and change your habitual food addiction through our weekly support group meeting. 
Get Waisted is nationwide program founded by Dr. Mary  in 2012 in Traverse City, MI where she held weekly meetings with her group. She has teamed up with author and chef Tess Challis to bring you delicious foods that support your goals! 

Once you become a member, you will get all the benefits from our corporate office is offering. You will have a full access to our website (, receive a weekly newsletter and weekly meal plan, get Welcome packet including Dr. Mary’s Waisted Away book, recipes cards, Foodie detox direction, and 4 Steps to Success direction, and come to the weekly offline meeting. You will also get a personal support from me. My goal is to assist you to achieve your goals successfully. I’m your resources and cheer leader. If you have  questions that you don’t know the answer, I will find answers for you.

This is a membership based program: 3, 6, and 12 months membership. 

– 3 months membership: $120

– 6 months $216 (10% discounted)

– 12 months $400 (20% discounted).

It is basically $10 a week. There is only one time registration fee of $25. 

We have two meetings right now: Tuesday 9:30 am and Thursday 6:30 pm. We meet at D&W Breton Village Cafeteria area and the meeting runs about an hour. You can come join us to check out our meeting first before making a decision to join. Just give me heads up. My number is (616) 881-6988 and you can leave a message or send me a text. 

For more information about Get Waisted, please visit

I’m thrilled to have lost 20 lbs in the past few months on the Get Waisted Program and can’t believe how close I already am to my ideal weight!I couldn’t have done it without our local Director Kim’s enthusiasm and encouragement, as well as the group’s weekly support. The plant-based recipes we share and the weekly discussion topics really helped me to establish better eating habits. Now, I’m eating delicious and healthy food and I feel great…Thank you so much!

Libby Goedken

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