Hair Dye

Hair Dye

Can you imagine your hair dye being tested on animals? Poured down their throats and into their eyes? Time to go cruelty free!

Hair Dye_Naturcolor

This is my very first time ever trying out hair dye that's cruelty free!! I used, "Naturcolor in 5R Light Sienna Chestnut". The ends of my hair I left with the original color to give it an ombre effect. I think this is a fun color for a change! Check out your local organic food stores and they are likely selling cruelty free brands such as, "Naturcolor, Herbatint, Tints of Nautre" etc. Those are the only brands that I'm currently familiar with. If you prefer to go to a salon, find a Paul Mitchell Salon. Unfortunately Aveda is no longer cruelty free. Please see:
If you live in Europe you have other brand options that we do not have here in the USA which look to be awesome! Here's a link:

Have fun finding new, fun and beautiful hair colors ladies!

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