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  The founder of Entirely Vegan is Kim Kyunghee Enochs who was born and raised in South Korea  where eating meat was considered a luxury when she was growing up. Many Koreans devalued a vegetarian diet and they believed the more meat you have on the table, the better lifestyle you have.

In 2003, she read a book by John Robbins called “Food Revolution” and it changed her life. She gradually began to shift her diet more towards a vegetarian diet while all her friends and family were still eating animals. In 2006 when Kim moved to the United States, she began to discover more people enjoying a plant based diet which fueled her fire to stay the course. The more she learned, the stronger she felt becoming a vegan was alsoulutely the best decision she has ever made.

She moved to Grand Rapids, MI in 2007 and began to get involved with the local vegan/vegetarian groups. Since then, she has been absolutely committed to a 100% plant-based diet and its lifestyle and has been free from all animal products and by-products. In 2010, she even extended her passion for animals and co-founded a non-profit organization called “Veg West Michigan” with a few other like-minded friends.

Even though she has always been fairly healthy with a slim figure, she found that her plant based diet has made a huge improvement in her over all vitality. She noticed having more energy throughout the day and even her overall immune system improved. Kim discovered that her ability to sleep through the night was improved, feeling fully refreshed in the mornings.

Kim is currently self-employed at Get Waisted Grand Rapids and expanding her business in a plant based nutrition and lifestyle through “Entirely Vegan”. She will continue to organize meetups and events through Grand Rapids Vegetarian/Vegan Meetup group. Her next goal is to start her food blog that focuses on altering authentic Asian Cuisine to be completely plant-based.

Her biggest passion is to help people transform their lives to an healthier and happier vegan lifestyle. This change will not only add to their longevity but will also save thousands of farm animals as well as the environment. Kim believes that a plant-based diet is the ultimate way to live on earth sustainably and peacefully.


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