L’OREAL (animal testing company) Vs. e.l.f (cruelty free company )

L’OREAL (animal testing company)  Vs.  e.l.f  (cruelty free company )

My # 1 favorite makeup product to use is Mascara! I have tried so many types of mascaras but always came back to this one volumizing mascara by L'oreal time and time again. So when recently I decided that my L'oreal mascara had to go because the company tests on animals, I thought I'd have the most difficult time trying to figure what mascara I could find as good as the one I loved. I can't believe it... "e.l.f Volume Plumping Mascara" is cheaper and equally as good! I've been using it for a few weeks now and I'm completely happy with it. It gives me the big doll lashes that I love! If you like big, long lashes, give this mascara a try.

Not only that, the e.l.f eye liner is excellent and $5 cheaper than eye liners I was previously purchasing. This liquid liner costs only $1. The tip of the brush gives me the winged out cat eye look that I love and it does the job superior to other liners in my experience.

When I first discovered e.l.f's makeup line, the prices struck me as so low that I thought I'd be purchasing makeup that I wouldn't end up liking. Wrong! I highly recommend anyone to check out e.l.f. eye makeup products. Why pay more for something that will do as equally as good a job when you can purchase it at a lower cost?

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Hi Everyone! My name is Sarah from British Columbia, Canada. I have many interests such as gardening, reading, singing, dancing and a great desire for the welfare of animals. I love being vegan because it's a lifestyle of love, peace, spirituality and compassion for both man and animal. I hope you find this journey as beautiful as I have. Hugs!

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