Younique cruelty free BB Cream & Cream Foundation Review

Younique cruelty free BB Cream & Cream Foundation Review
I would love to share with you my latest cosmetic find... Younique makeup! What's great about this company is they have a line of vegan cosmetics! And what I love most about Younique is they are a company under way to becoming certified as cruelty free. Go Younique...don't stop until you get there! Although Younique is not officially cruelty free to date, my reason for writing this review is to encourage the purchase of cosmetics from companies such as Younique who do not test on animals. Also, their quality of makeup is excellent! Ever since I started using superior quality makeup, my overall appearance looks better. Even my husband commented that Younique makeup suits my complexion and is more natural looking. Bonus! I was so excited when I was sent a package of makeup in the mail to try out. I decided to do a review on it because I was impressed with the quality of their products. Take care to use makeup that is chemical free and more natural based. Our skin will thank us for it now and look better in the long run. Up your class of cosmetics for your own sake and go cruelty free for the sake of the animals:) 
(Please note: Younique does not trace in depth investigations into where their ingredients come from  in order to make their cosmetics.)
The BB Flawless Line is entirely vegan! There are a variety of colors for all skin tones. I chose my color in, "Bisque" as pictured below. I think this product is excellent! Goes on smoothly, beautifully and helps cover those flaws you don't want to show. Pick your color online at:
bb cream color
bb creame bisque
Once your BB Cream enhancer is applied you can choose from their Vegan Moodstruck Mineral Line to complete the look. 
I also received some of their cream foundation and I really think it's great! I chose my color in, "Taffeta" and applied this over my BB cream enhancer.  (Cream foundations are not vegan).
Here is a complete list of the Younique vegan line:
Moodstruck concealers
Moodstruck Blushers
Refreshed Rose Water
BB Flawless
Awake Facial Cleanser
Concealer Brush (Synthetic Hair)

My experience with Younique makeup has been great! I'm very impressed with the products and recommend them. A lovely representative named Cessna was very helpful in answering questions I had and helping me choose out my colors.

For further assistance in purchasing cosmetics from Younique, please visit:
Cessna Foster 
Younique Presenter
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